Cabinet Options

Each Cabinet is carefully recorded with each microphone in phase

Mesa Oversize 4x12

Recorded through a Warm Audio WA-12, these impulses are thick, dark and very three dimensional. Works great for modern metal and rock.

Mesa (Fredman)

These two simple impulses will bring you to Melodic Death Metal nirvana! Recorded with the Warm Audio WA-12, they are punchy, thick and dark.

Marshall JCM900 1960A

Classic 1960 cabinet sound! Mix these mics up for the ultimate guitar tone! Recorded through the Warm Audio WA-12!

Revv 2x12

Ultra modern guitar tone! The Revv has a punchy, agressive tone that cuts like a knife! Recorded through the Warm Audio WA-12!

VADER 2x12

Vader cabinets are no longer produced, but highly sought after. This cab is bright, punchy and plays extremely well with Peavey Amps!

VADER 2x12 Deluxe

2 mics, 4 preamps, 5 positions. The Shure SM57 and Audix i5 are my go to mic, you're sure to find a tone you like!

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